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Beauty is the gift of god and transmitted from one to the other generation. Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful. The beauty parlour is the need of every age of women, men to make their looks attractive. Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty. it is a weapon that helps you express who and how you are from the inside.

INFY family salon & spa a Like and make our Beauty Parlour reachable to more pretty women to every man. INFY family salon & spa is dedicated towards the evolvement of the modern Indian woman and man and their exploration of beauty. INFY family salon & spa Salon brings a plethora of beauty and Haircut services that matches up from Indian traditional looks.

Because of the experience and availability of some of our beauty professionals, they command higher prices, these professionals offer you the benefit of years of experience and advanced training. All of our staff members, regardless of position, meet the high standards that Currie and our guests expect.

Who We Are

INFY family salon & spa was opened in XXXX, we are a locally owned small business. Our goal is to create the ultimate salon experience. We are a salon driven by and committed to education. We focus on providing our guests services and products that respect their health, beauty and wellness.

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Our Features

Well Trained Experts

We at INFY Family Salon & Spa provide various services to the nature of the clients. We have Well trained Experienced Staff.


Appointment Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule your appointments with our easy and familiar calendar.Utilize four different views of your appointments: month, week, day, or list.


Client Management

Quickly book an appointment for any client.Easily view the client's appointment history.


Hair Tips

Discover the full INFY Family Salon & Spa experience: Find your type, get a cut constructed exclusively for hair, and learn how best to care for your hair


Experience With Us!

We occupy exciting and unusual spaces and make them welcoming and inviting, we encourage conversation, community and make little people and our four legged friends equally as welcome.Our staff and our customers just make that even more enjoyable.

INFY family salon & spa ... the Salon we are always keeping up with the latest trends through continuing education. Check out our photo gallery to see what our stylist can do!

pleasing services

INFY family salon & spa ... offers customized packages that can meet the need of any bridal party With Affordable Price!

pleasing services

INFY family salon & spa ... highly educated hair and nail stylists can create customized looks for you. Ranging from modern and simplistic to wild and funky.

pleasing services